Starting a Food Truck Business in Georgia: Step-by-Step Guide

Venturing into the food truck business has gotten much easier than it was before. You need to get a food business permit from your county or city, and you can serve food all over Georgia, unlike in the past. The change in legislation is good, but many hurdles may still follow while starting a food truck business in Georgia.

Let’s help you navigate through all the stepping stones.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business in Georgia

Follow the easy steps below to get started with your food truck business.

Step 1: Plan Your Business

Make a solid business plan. The plan should include everything. Accounts, inventory, operations, location, taxation, discounts, and offers to accelerate sales.

Step 2: Serving Areas

After making a foolproof plan. Mark the areas you’ll be serving in Georgia. Understand the demographic and behavior of people who are likely to have a meal from your food truck.

Step 3: Focus on Quality

Without any doubts. Quality and taste are the most important in the food business. Let me tell you why. Remember your favorite place to have food. The primary reason for someone liking or loving someplace to have food is that it tastes and feels in their mouth. People even compromise comfort and get on long waiting lists just to have the food they love.

Through trial and error try to perfect your dishes that’ll give orgasms to the taste buds of your customers. If your art of cooking ever reaches that level, then you won’t need to focus too much on marketing, your food will market itself.

Step 4: Patience is the Key

After the quality of food, patience comes second to the list when it comes to importance. If you have quality delicacies on your menu. Your food truck brand will grow. Great things take time.

Step 5: Curious Case Marketing

“How will people know you exist, if you don’t tell them”. Ever heard or read this line? It may not be an exact phrase, but you get the meaning. Marketing has its place but I may not completely agree with this.  Next to this line, you may have read about creating a website, social media handles, and posting regularly. Focusing on food quality should be the pedestal.

Start Food Truck Business in Georgia

Get All the Required Licenses and Permits

Here is a list of licenses you’ll need to start your food truck business in Georgia.

  1. Food business license
  2. Mobile food facility permit
  3. Public health permit
  4. Food sellers permit
  5. Employee health permit

In addition to the licenses and permits mentioned above, you must also comply with local rules and regulations regarding trucking, driving, cleanliness, insurance, etc.

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Estimate Cost of Opening a Food Truck Business

First and foremost, you need to estimate the cost of the business you are interested in—a food truck business, that is.

Let’s find out how much the food truck business may charge you.

Accessories/Licenses Leasing a Truck Buying a Truck
Food Truck  $2000 – $3000/month $50,000 – $175,000
Inventory $500 – $1000/month $500 – $1000/month
Insurance $2000 – $4000/year $2000 – $4000/year
Permits and licenses ~ $20,000 ~ $20,000
Estimate ~ $62,000/yearly ~ $144,500 one time

FAQs for Food Truck Business

1. Can One Person Run a Food Truck Business?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’ll be a lot of work overhead. You’ll be responsible for driving, preparations, cleaning, maintenance, cooking, serving, and much more that comes along.

2. How to Grow a Food Truck Business?

Focusing on food quality and patience are necessities to grow a food truck business. After getting comfortable in your routine, you can focus on marketing for expansion.

3. What Type of Business Is a Food Truck Considered?

The food truck business falls into the category of small business.

4. How Much Money to Start a Food Truck Business?

It may cost you around $60,000 to $70,000 annually if you are renting a food truck. And $140,000 to $150,000 for set up if you are to buy a food truck.

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