Where Can I Sell My Gold Coins to Get the Best Price?

There are many ways to sell your gold coins to get the most out of them. Make a note of the spot price before getting involved in any transactions. The spot price is the current market price of gold. You can easily find it online.

What is the best way to sell gold coins?

Selling your gold coins online is the best method to get the most out of them. You get to cash out your gold close to the current market price.  Online education is just a better option, considering all the factors. But brick-and-mortar stores can also provide competitive prices and instant cash for your doubloons. You just look for them near your space online.

Sell My Gold Coins

Options to Sell Your Gold Coins

Once you know the gold’s market price. You can start looking for selling options. You can sell your coins to:

  1. Pawn shops
  2. Jewellery stores
  3. Online Merchants
  4. Auction sites

Let us explore each of these ways through which you can sell out your coins for the maximum price.

Where to Sell Your Gold Coins: Expert Tips

You can sell your gold coins to jewellery stores, trusted gold buyers, retail gold stores, and pawn shops near your area.  Retail stores and pawn shops may not buy your coins at the spot price. This is how they operate, they buy at lower prices to sell at higher. I can assure you, they will not sell the gold coin at the price they have brought it.

To tackle this problem, visit as many gold retailers or pawn shops as you can to get the most competitive quotation. You can also look at the ratings, recommendations, and reviews online. It will save you time.

What Are the Best Options for Selling Gold Coins?

Thanks to the surge of the internet. You can now sell your gold coins online, too. Selling gold coins online gives the flexibility to compare gold selling prices more effectively. You will probably get to cash out gold near the spot price.

I have mentioned the most popular and reliable online gold exchange websites. Visit them and compare what they are offering for your coin. And make the best decision that’ll be profitable and beneficial for you and your loved ones.

  1. Kitco
  2. Express gold cash
  3. Cash for Gold USA
  4. US Gold Bureau

Is It Possible to Sell Gold Coins to a Bank?

Unfortunately, banks are unlikely to accept gold in exchange for cash. You may have some chances of selling your coins to commercial banks. But even that is a rare case. Banks, if they ever buy, will buy gold in bullion (bars and coins), and it has to be 24k pure gold. Other than that, it looks unlikely.


Considering all the factors, selling your gold coins online is the way to go.  Take note of the gold spot price and see how much closer the buyer is to the spot price. The closer, the better. The local gold retailers and pawn shops can also help you find out what the price is being offered for your gold in your area. Before buying, the buyers will look into the weight and purity of the gold.

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