Top 10 Tallest Female K-pop Idols [Updated List]

People worldwide adore Korean K-pop angels for several reasons, including their flawless, silky-smooth skin, quick electric moves, and, obviously, soothing vocals.

Who is the tallest female K-pop idol in 2024?

We present this article to uncover some of the tallest active K-pop stars on the planet. Who among all of Earth’s angels is closest to the moon? How tall they stand, and who among them is the tallest.

Let’s find out who’s the Tallest female k-pop idols.

1. Lee Young Ji (Everglow) (176 cm)

Besides being the tallest K-pop female idol, 176 cm tall, she has been a winner of two shows: ‘Highschool Rapper 3’ and ‘Show Me The Money 11’. She also hosted a show, ‘Not Much Prepared’, during the Korean floods in 2022, which provoked havoc in the Korean capital, Seoul. Young donated $7,428 to that flood relief fund.

2. Nina (IRRIS) (175 cm)

Nina, the second tallest K-pop star on our list, brings a unique blend of Australian-Korean heritage to the industry. At just 21 years old, she is already making waves as a singer and is currently studying law. Her journey is one to watch, as there is much more to explore in her life and career.

3. Xinyu (TripleS) (174.5 cm)

Xinyu comes third on the list. Standing 174.5 cm tall. She was born on May 25 2002 in Beijing, China. She made her debut on August 17 2023, with TripleS. TripleS dropped her name as a 15th member of TripleS on the title track ‘Grils’ Capitalism’. And she was the tallest member of the group. She is fluent in English and has a specialization in music. Like any other girl aspiring to be a performer, she likes to explore diverse cuisines, binge-watch movies, and act.

Xinyu (TripleS)

4. Aisha (Everglow) (174 cm)

Heo Yoorim, better known as Aisha. Besides her staggering height of 174 cm, she has a talent that has gripped the attention of regular and new K-pop fans. She’s a lead rapper, dancer, and sub-vocalist in the group Everglow. She developed a passion for being a performer from childhood and trained for 11 years. Her hard work and dedication to her craft have definitely paid off, but she continues to work hard to improve her skills and achieve even more success in the future.

5. Uchae (Nature)(173.6 cm)

Uchae is a 21-year-old South Korean singer and extremely talented dancer. Standing close to 173.6 cm and made her debut with the girl group ‘EElado. Later, she appeared in NATURE. Her first single album, Girls and Flowers, was released on August 3, 2018.

6. Jang Won-young (IVE) (173 cm)

Wonyoung is a super famous K-pop star with 12 million Instagram followers. She’s the tallest girl K-pop idol of IVF, towering 173 cm. She’s signed under Starship Entertainment and works as a dancer, songwriter, and model. Her flawless beauty has made her the visual face of girl band IVF. She embarked on her career with IZ*ONE on October 29, 2018.

7. Choi Yeonjae (MIMIIROSE) (173 cm)

Choi Yeonjae, standing 173 cm, is a leader and lead dancer in the group Mimiirose. Mimiirose is a girl group consisting of five members. These include Choi Yeonjae, Inn Hyori, Han Yewon, Yoon Jia, and Seo Yunju. They made their first as a group on September 16 with a single album ‘AWESOME’. Chio has studied at the School of Performance Arts Seoul (SOPA). She speaks Korean but can also talk about a bit of English.

8. Fatou (black swan) (173 cm)

Fatou is a 173 cm leader and the tallest member of the girl band BLACKSWAN. She’s a Senegalese songwriter, singer, rapper, and model who debuted with the mixtape ‘PWAPT’ on August 19, 2022. Fatou is multilingual and fluent in five languages: Korean, French, German, Dutch, and English. Interestingly, BLACKSWAN is a rare K-pop group with no Korean members.

9. An Yujin (IVE) (173 cm)

We have another member from IVE, who is second last on the list, 173 cm tall. Yujin is a super famous Instagram fairy with over 7 million followers. She’s a dancer, singer, and songwriter, serving as leader of the IVF girl group. It’s well-known that Yujin is friends with Wonyoung, a member of the same group as hers. She kicked off her career by debuting in IZ*ONE.

10. Yoon (STAYC) (172.6 cm)

Yoon is last on our list, standing at 172.6 cm, and probably the youngest as well. She’s currently signed under High Up Entertainment and is a member of the girl group STAYC, from which she made her debut as a performer on November 12, 2020, with the album Star To A Young Culture. Yoon is fluent in three languages: Korean, English, and Japanese.

Yoon (STAYC)


Finally, we’re concluding our list. Lee Young Jee is the Tallest female k-pop idols. Nina from IRRIS is second on the list, and Xinju is third.

We know you were here for the Tallest female k-pop idols, but just adding a fun fact: Alexa is the shortest female K-pop idol. She’s 149 cm tall.

The K-pop music companies or agencies handling K-pop stars often lie about their height. Either they are taller or shorter than what they are.

The reason for this height manipulation is rooted in the K-pop industry’s obsession with perfection. They believe that specific heights will make K-pop performers more appealing to their diehard fans. This practice, although questionable, is a testament to the industry’s relentless pursuit of profit and popularity.


1. Who is the Cutest Female K-pop Idol?

According to various social media reports and discussions, Aespa Karina is considered the cutest K-pop idol.

2. Who is the Heaviest Female K-pop Idol?

Regarding weight, most K-pop idols weight 45 to 50 kg on average, and they are not very heavy. You will be surprised to know that the heaviest K-pop idol is Jisung, weighing just around 60 kg.

3. Which K-pop Idol has the Longest Legs?

According to the Pinterest post, Sowon has the longest legs among all the K-pop idols.

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